A Different Beautiful


A Different Beautiful – Published by Shiloh Run Press/Barbour Publishing, Release date: August 1, 2016.

Available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!


That’s How You Know


“God went out searching for a way to celebrate the precious, so very perfect baby he had chosen to create.”

So begins a story of wonderful celebration and love on the day of your birth. From bright flowers to swirling snowflakes, God created all kinds of beautiful to celebrate such a beautiful you. That’s How You Know reassures children of God’s never-ending love with a powerful message about how special eachchild is to God.cIMG_5537


That’s How You Know is a Christian children’s book available for purchase online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or through WestBow Press. It is also available at these central Illinois locations: Memorial Medical Center’s gift shops, District 23 Mercantile and Foundry, and Barnes & Noble in Springfield, Ill.

The Spaghetti Shots: how to take better photos of your kids during everyday life

I wrote this how-to ebook called The Spaghetti Shots to encourage fellow parents in their quest for learning how to choose their “nice” cameras.

It never fails – you get your child all dressed up in a specially chosen outfit, the lighting is absolutely perfect, the timing is absolutely perfect…and he refuses to smile. And of course the next day he has spaghetti all over his face and is grinning as cute as can be.

My advice? Take the spaghetti shots. Forget the perfectly planned photo sessions if they don’t go your way, and snap as many photos as you can of that precious face covered in red tomato sauce. It’s those moments – the spaghetti shots – that make learning how to photograph your children so important as a mom…SpaghettiShotsCoverWeb

Geared specifically toward Nikon and Canon owners, The Spaghetti Shots is packed with information and humor to teach you the basics of using your DSLR camera to capture everyday moments of your children – from birthday parties to play-doh creations – without anything extra to confuse you. In this quick read that can be completed over a lunch hour or during nap time, you will learn:

-what aperture, shutter speed and ISO are, with explanations that are easy to understand

-the differences between your camera settings

-the most flattering light to photograph in and where to find it

-what back-button focus is and how to use it so that your child is in focus every time – no more blurry shots!

-various editing options that are free or inexpensive

-how to interact with your child so that you get the best of them in your photos

The Spaghetti Shots is available for Kindle on Amazon. (You can read a Kindle book on any tablet, smartphone or computer by simply downloading the Kindle app!)