Busy Girl

I don’t think there was a free minute in Brenna’s schedule today…the girl needs her own secretary!

On today’s agenda was…

-a visit from the plastic surgeon. He checked out Brenna’s fingers and toes, and all her joint areas, to make sure her skin is allowing enough range of motion that her joints and muscles are able to develop correctly. He said nothing looks too concerning at this point! We will do a follow-up with him at some point to get things checked out again.

-her newborn hearing test…she passed!!

-a great occupational therapy session. I held her in my lap while we did her session, working on the motion in Brenna’s shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers, as well as her hamstrings, ankles and toes. The thick skin on one of her index fingers has come off, so we were able to help her stretch out all of the joints in that fingers. Our OT is very encouraged by Brenna’s progress and range of motion.

-a visit from the opthamologist. Dr. Su removed a couple of the stitches keeping her right eye closed because they were basically coming loose, so she can pretty much open her right eye now! There is a little bit of scabbing on her lid, but he said it is just a normal scab and will fall off soon. Her eyes are continuing to heal well and look fantastic.

-work on getting her little room up to 35 percent humidity. Some of the hospital’s maintenance crew was hard at work most of the afternoon trying to figure out if they could increase the humidity in her pod. It had been on 15 percent, which is normal for the hospital, but when I arrived this afternoon, it was up to 35 percent. However, it had dipped back down to 25 percent when I left, so we are thinking we might just need to bring our own humidifier in. Brenna’s open crib is all ready and waiting for her though!

-lots and lots of cuddling from mommy, daddy and the grandmas! Grandpa and Papa are still too nervous about holding her 🙂

Brenna’s a busy girl, getting so many things taken care of so we can bring her home!

3 thoughts on “Busy Girl

  • January 21, 2012 at 1:54 am

    I don’t know how to message over blogs, so I suppose this will be public. I was given the address to this website by a member of my church whom you know, Sara Shiveler, in response to a prayer request.
    My sister had a baby on November 21st, Erin Rose. She has since been diagnosed with Hay-Wells Syndrome which is an extremely rare skin condition. Since her birth, her days have almost exactly mirrored Brenna’s – from the problems with permanent IVs, DNA tests, PT/OT, infections, respirators, humidity levels, Aquaphor, touch-time – all the way to the eye surgery. I cried while reading every post you have written, feeling all of the ups and downs that my sister is going through while I sit there helpless, trying to ask the doctor if we can do anything about her “heart hurting”. As much as there is pain, though, there is more joy.
    I have given my family the address for Brenna’s blog. My sister and her husband don’t currently have internet access because they just moved to Michigan to put Erin in a better hospital. They are also keeping a website: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/erinrosebrown.
    Brenna is adorable!! I love the faces she makes! It gives me so much hope to see how much she has healed and how quickly!! I eagerly anticipate the day when she is running around so much you are thinking, “Oh boy, I wish I could just stick her back in that pod and take a nap!” I look forward to hearing more about sweet Brenna. Here’s one more prayer warrior out there on her side!

  • January 21, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    Prayers are going out from here, for Brenna and the family. Wishing you all a blessed weekend. The snow has slowed us down here, so there is even more time for prayer!

  • January 21, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    All great news! Continued prayers for your sweet girl. Can’t wait to read about her homecoming in the near future!

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