“Celebrating Our Stories” Releases!

“Why do you think he’s in a wheelchair?”

My daughter pointed to the outline of the man pushing the large wheels of his chair on the page in front of us.

“I’m not sure,” I answered honestly. “Maybe he hurt his legs, or maybe he was born with legs that aren’t able to walk.”

Whatever the reason, I was aware in that moment of the important lesson being shared over our library book: learning about someone who is different than ourselves.

As parents, we’re all trying to do our best every day. We love our kids fiercely, don’t we? And we want to raise our children to be kind individuals by modeling empathy and acceptance.

People are ALL different. What an incredible world it might be if we could show our children how to recognize that others are truly people first, despite any differences!

But how do we teach them this? How do we empower them to feeling empathy for another person or to appreciate that a peer has different abilities, culture, skin color than themselves?

Story is one of the most powerful gifts we can offer to our kids! That’s right – through reading quality children’s book, we can impact our children’s lives in a big way… not only teaching them new words and concepts but more importantly, new feelings and ideas.

Why are stories so powerful for our kids?

Stories allow us to learn about each other. A story enables us to imagine how we may feel in situations we have never been in or to appreciate someone’s life that we have never met – developing empathy for those we encounter throughout our lives.

Through the characters who grow within a well-told story, books foster new ideas, new cultures, new ways of living. Instead of pity, we can come to better understand. Instead of apathy, we can learn to connect and bridge. Instead of intolerance, we can learn to celebrate how uniquely we were all created.

That’s why I’m BEYOND THRILLED today to share my brand-new book:

 Celebrating Our Stories

In Celebrating Our Stories, you’ll learn:
-Why it’s important to start teaching your children about kindness and respect at a young age
-The best ways to help your children understand, appreciate and celebrate differences – their own and other people’s!
– Why reading books is so powerful for learning about how to treat others
– The best books to read based on the topics you’re interested in!

Celebrating Our Stories contains more than ONE HUNDRED carefully chosen children’s books organized by theme, including:
Celebrating Yourself
Different Appearances
Cultural Differences
Differently Abled
Kindness and Respect
Empathy and Thinking of Others

For this week only, it’s available for a special launch price of just $3.99!! At the end of Friday, it will go up to its regular price of $6.99 – so don’t wait around!

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The Best Children’s Books to Foster Kindness

With my own two children now being 5 and almost 8 years old, there is no doubt about the very real impact that reading has on their lives – not only for developing their minds and learning, but also for exploring new themes, problems, situations, characteristics and so much more. It is because of children’s books that we have had some tremendously beneficial conversations about different places, people, abilities, ideas.

I’ve shared previously about our family’s favorite books about differences in general and about disabilities, and today, I’ve rounded up our favorites that focus on a theme we could probably all use a little more: kindness!

With such a variety of books out there that highlight empathy, understanding and kindness, I try to avoid the ones in which the characters complain or constantly throw tantrums or call each other unkind names…Unless there is a very important lesson at the end, and we can talk through some of those issues. But there are so many wonderful children’s books that highlight compassion, empowering others, positivity and being kind – and reading these is a great way to reinforce these behaviors in young kids!

Here are some of our family’s favorite books with themes of kindness…children's books kindness and being kindA Girl with a Cape by Amy Logan. I met Amy when we both spoke at the Hearts at Home conference in 2015, and she is such a wonderful person to be around! We all love her book and its great message – and Brenna also love the leopard-print scarf it comes with 🙂

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun by Maria Dismondy. A reader recommended this book to me, so I grabbed it from the library, and my kids loved it. The little girl in the book showcases what forgiveness looks like – as well as doing the right thing – and what it means to treat others well. This book could open up lots of conversations about how we treat others – definitely a great one for all ages!

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. In this book, the author writes about how, with all of our words and actions, we have the opportunity to fill or take away from someone’s “bucket.” When we use kind words, or do something nice, or even simply smile at someone, we fill their buckets up. And so the book challenges kids to always try to fill someone’s bucket.

Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts. The little boy Jeremy finds the shoes he wants but they’re too small. So he makes the tough decision to give his pair to a friend who needs them. A sweet story about selflessness and giving.

children's books kindness and being kind

The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig. Brian is a student that no one pays attention to – he feels invisible. Until a new student comes to school, and they connect. And as this new little boy includes Brian, it changes Brian’s world. The illustrations do a wonderful job showcasing his feelings, with Brian starting out black and white, and color emerging like the rest of his classmates as this little boy interacts with him, until he is fully colored at the end.

Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace by James Proimos. A silly story with a good lesson, about the impact that we can make when we treat people well and give of ourselves.

Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson. Maya is new to school, but Chloe and her friends won’t play with her. One day, Maya is suddenly gone and Chloe realizes that her chance to be kind – like a pebble in water spreading ripples – is now gone. A good opener to conversation about how we can try to right a wrong and try again to be nice to someone.

Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson. I absolutely LOVED this one, with its core message about how much impact ONE action can make and spread across the globe!

children's books kindness and being kindBloom With Mi by Amy Kavelaris. This book by my friend Amy is purely delightful. A sweet girl named Mi figures out how to spread kindness and love through giving.

What Does It Mean To Be Kind? by Rana DiOrio. This book outlines different ways to show kindness, from holding the door open for someone to forgiving someone who has hurt you. And the culminating message is that we can all make the world a more loving place to live when we are kind to each other.

Good People Everywhere by Lynea Gillen. This one contains endearing examples to inspire children to grow into grateful, caring, and giving people, and also includes activity pages to help kids practice skills for creating gratitude, compassion, and beauty in daily life.

How Kind! by Mary Murphy. The storyline of this book includes farm animals who each do one nice thing for each other and each recognize those kind acts provided by someone else, encouraging them to keep the chain of kindness going. It’s simple and positive.

children's books kindness and being kind

Anything else you would add to the list?