My Favorite Cleaning Product for Moms

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I think there’s a misconception that as we have adjusted to life with ichthyosis over the last six years, we are always on the hunt.

New skin care routines, new cleaning products, new summer essentials, new types of clothing… endless options are out there when you really start looking.

The reason we aren’t always changing things up is that it can be exhausting to constantly try new things – methods, products, processes. When we find what works good enough, that’s good enough for us. Good enough means we can enjoy our days instead of making new decision after new decision, or new purchase after new purchase.

Sometimes, though, a part of our routine isn’t good enough. Or stops working well. And that was the case for cleaning the inside of our washing machine. A huge part of Brenna’s wellness relies on Aquaphor healing ointment, which we love for her skin but is admittedly a little harder on the home.

We have a dedicated washing machine for her clothing, which usually ends up like this after one of her loads:

Even my reliant go-to, Dawn dish washing liquid, wasn’t cutting through the grease enough to leave me happy with the cleanliness of the ring. When I’m trying to get the Aquaphor out of her clothes, I don’t want to put them in a big basin already filled with Aquaphor!

So then, a friend of mine told me she started working for a company that makes a product called Tub O’ Towels, which is used on grease. “I wonder if it would help with Aquaphor?” she said.

The “heavy duty” description caught my eye. Cuts grease, you say?

Whenever I see claims like that on any product, I’m all “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.” Grease we got. And I know we’re not the only ones – so many of our friends who have kids with allergies, eczema and other skin issues also love thick lotions like Aquaphor and Vaseline.

Well. I was totally sold after a single use.

Messes aren’t just part of life with a skin condition – they’re a part of LIFE with KIDS! Art projects, food, mud, stains… the cleaning with kids is no joke.

The successful trial with our washing machine was just the start of me Tub O Towel-ing practically the entire house and car this summer. Because they’re so effective, I don’t feel like I’m constantly cleaning – just a quick wipe-down and everything is good to go. And they don’t irritate Brenna’s skin at all. (After a little research, I saw that they’re safe on skin and alcohol-free/solvent-free and also contain aloe, lanolin and Vitamin E.)

I took the tub out to the car when we recently left on our trip to Tennessee (for our foundation’s family conference!) and I’ve honestly never been able to clean our minivan more quickly. The baseboards next to the kids’ seats…

…all of this came up after just one swipe:

And my center console (hanging my head in shame with this picture. Please tell me yours looks like this after a mont of summer break too??)

Just ONE towel got it looking like this…

Now I keep a couple of giant tubs in our laundry room and garage, and I snagged some individual wipes to keep in my purse and glovebox. I’ve pulled them out to wipe down car seats, leather couches, even Kindle screens and cases.

I admit I love these little Aquaphor prints. Sometimes I leave them up for weeks…months even, because they remind me of this beautiful messy life we cherish with our children. But eventually the day comes to clean them off – and make a fresh slate for the inevitable new mess!

Cleaning the washing machine, the couch, the walls…there is no more strategy involved or new routine to try. Discovering how simple clean-up is with Tub O Towels has certainly made life easier for me as a mom.

“Celebrating Our Stories” Releases!

“Why do you think he’s in a wheelchair?”

My daughter pointed to the outline of the man pushing the large wheels of his chair on the page in front of us.

“I’m not sure,” I answered honestly. “Maybe he hurt his legs, or maybe he was born with legs that aren’t able to walk.”

Whatever the reason, I was aware in that moment of the important lesson being shared over our library book: learning about someone who is different than ourselves.

As parents, we’re all trying to do our best every day. We love our kids fiercely, don’t we? And we want to raise our children to be kind individuals by modeling empathy and acceptance.

People are ALL different. What an incredible world it might be if we could show our children how to recognize that others are truly people first, despite any differences!

But how do we teach them this? How do we empower them to feeling empathy for another person or to appreciate that a peer has different abilities, culture, skin color than themselves?

Story is one of the most powerful gifts we can offer to our kids! That’s right – through reading quality children’s book, we can impact our children’s lives in a big way… not only teaching them new words and concepts but more importantly, new feelings and ideas.

Why are stories so powerful for our kids?

Stories allow us to learn about each other. A story enables us to imagine how we may feel in situations we have never been in or to appreciate someone’s life that we have never met – developing empathy for those we encounter throughout our lives.

Through the characters who grow within a well-told story, books foster new ideas, new cultures, new ways of living. Instead of pity, we can come to better understand. Instead of apathy, we can learn to connect and bridge. Instead of intolerance, we can learn to celebrate how uniquely we were all created.

That’s why I’m BEYOND THRILLED today to share my brand-new book:

 Celebrating Our Stories

In Celebrating Our Stories, you’ll learn:
-Why it’s important to start teaching your children about kindness and respect at a young age
-The best ways to help your children understand, appreciate and celebrate differences – their own and other people’s!
– Why reading books is so powerful for learning about how to treat others
– The best books to read based on the topics you’re interested in!

Celebrating Our Stories contains more than ONE HUNDRED carefully chosen children’s books organized by theme, including:
Celebrating Yourself
Different Appearances
Cultural Differences
Differently Abled
Kindness and Respect
Empathy and Thinking of Others

For this week only, it’s available for a special launch price of just $3.99!! At the end of Friday, it will go up to its regular price of $6.99 – so don’t wait around!

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