What I’m Into (Feb. 2017)

Happy Rare Disease Day 2017! Today, we are celebrating our rare gift – the gift of Brenna’s life and all of the beauty and joy she has brought to us and to the world.

Though her rare disease, Harlequin ichthyosis, has affected our lives in very profound, sometimes very hard, ways, we choose every day to see the most beautiful effects too – a purposeful story of fierce love and intense beauty. For all of you and your families who live everyday with a rare disease –  you are recognized, you are loved, you are beautiful and you are strong.


So. Is March really upon us tomorrow? My kids keep asking if it’s spring yet – the weather here certainly seems to think so! We wouldn’t be all that disappointed if these mild sunny days decided to stick around for a while.

Here’s a round-up of what I’ve been into and what we’ve been up to this month…


Over the weekend, I finished From Depths We Rise by Sarah Rodriguez (oh my heart) and started on Choosing Real by Bekah Pogue – both of whom have become friends of mine that I’ve loved getting to know as we’ve all released our books with the same literary agent and publisher! I’m also in the middle of an adorable piece of children’s lit called Pax by Sarah Pennypacker, which a friend gave to me on high recommendation.

My kids have been devouring books this spring. Brenna is Berenstain Bears-obsessed right now, and Connor is all over the board, from Magic Tree House to Pokemon chapter books. Last week, he discovered The Velveteen Rabbit on his bookshelf and stayed up one night late to read it. How I love that book!

caught this guy fast asleep with his lamp still on and magazine spread out one night… 

There is an incredible online event starting tomorrow called the Hope Summit hosted by my friend Mike Berry. The Hope Summit features 10 real-life foster, adoptive, special needs, and traditional parents who have walked through some of life’s biggest trials, but have found hope in the middle of them. I’m so honored to be included in the Hope Summit! If you’re feeling like you are grasping at hope through the trials of life, I know you will be inspired by the honest and powerful stories shared here. You can join in over the next 10 days when you sign up here.

I’m so excited to be featured on my new friend Melanie Dale’s podcast called Lighten Up this month… We had a great time chatting about lots of random topics – everything from what Brenna has taught me to my fierce love for mayonnaise! You can listen to my episode here.

“The world is quite skilled at assaulting us with countless messages—overt and covert—about how to measure our worth. (But) we were never meant to build an identity. We were meant to receive it.” – This post from Michele Cushatt is absolutely beautiful.


Brenna and her Daddy looking oh-so-cool in their shades while enjoying warm temps…

Morning bookworming before school!

Valentine’s Day photo opp…. I love their love.

Right in the middle of the beautiful spring weather, we got a big snowfall! Mother Nature is a fickle creature, isn’t she? This kid could play out in the snow for hours!

I was honored to be the keynote speaker at our local Girls on the Run annual fundraiser in February! And it was a great opportunity for a night out with my handsome date 🙂

May your week be filled with the joy and silliness of goofing around in Halloween costumes on a random Tuesday!

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  • March 1, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    I am so glad you are enjoying Pax! We loved it and I think it really helps children understand relationships with pets as well as their life in the wild! Also, I listened to your podcast and cracked up! I was preparing dinner and then later finishing a walk and loved the parts about mayo and baths! Both are favorites of mine as well! I first had mayo with french fries in England at 17yrs old. I came back sharing this new favorite and people thought I was nuts! Lol

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