“Celebrating Our Stories” Releases!

“Why do you think he’s in a wheelchair?”

My daughter pointed to the outline of the man pushing the large wheels of his chair on the page in front of us.

“I’m not sure,” I answered honestly. “Maybe he hurt his legs, or maybe he was born with legs that aren’t able to walk.”

Whatever the reason, I was aware in that moment of the important lesson being shared over our library book: learning about someone who is different than ourselves.

As parents, we’re all trying to do our best every day. We love our kids fiercely, don’t we? And we want to raise our children to be kind individuals by modeling empathy and acceptance.

People are ALL different. What an incredible world it might be if we could show our children how to recognize that others are truly people first, despite any differences!

But how do we teach them this? How do we empower them to feeling empathy for another person or to appreciate that a peer has different abilities, culture, skin color than themselves?

Story is one of the most powerful gifts we can offer to our kids! That’s right – through reading quality children’s book, we can impact our children’s lives in a big way… not only teaching them new words and concepts but more importantly, new feelings and ideas.

Why are stories so powerful for our kids?

Stories allow us to learn about each other. A story enables us to imagine how we may feel in situations we have never been in or to appreciate someone’s life that we have never met – developing empathy for those we encounter throughout our lives.

Through the characters who grow within a well-told story, books foster new ideas, new cultures, new ways of living. Instead of pity, we can come to better understand. Instead of apathy, we can learn to connect and bridge. Instead of intolerance, we can learn to celebrate how uniquely we were all created.

That’s why I’m BEYOND THRILLED today to share my brand-new book:

 Celebrating Our Stories

In Celebrating Our Stories, you’ll learn:
-Why it’s important to start teaching your children about kindness and respect at a young age
-The best ways to help your children understand, appreciate and celebrate differences – their own and other people’s!
– Why reading books is so powerful for learning about how to treat others
– The best books to read based on the topics you’re interested in!

Celebrating Our Stories contains more than ONE HUNDRED carefully chosen children’s books organized by theme, including:
Celebrating Yourself
Different Appearances
Cultural Differences
Differently Abled
Kindness and Respect
Empathy and Thinking of Others

For this week only, it’s available for a special launch price of just $3.99!! At the end of Friday, it will go up to its regular price of $6.99 – so don’t wait around!

Grab Celebrating Our Stories for only $3.99 here

What I’m Into: February 2018

Happy February! Those Winter Olympics – amiright? We have LOVED watching all of the amazing athletes!

So, I’ve got some awesomely fun news to share this month…I am releasing a new ebook in two weeks!! I’ve been working quietly behind the scenes on this idea for nearly a year, and I’m beyond excited to let it out!

My new ebook combines some of my favorite topics – teaching kids about differences and kindness, and reading! It is a resource for ALL parents, with a few chapters about the importance of talking about and teaching about differences with our kids and how best to do so.

Since one of those best ways is READING, I compiled super comprehensive, high quality lists on all kinds of themes to help kids better understand and appreciate differences – both to celebrate their own differences and to appreciate others’! My book recommendations cover everything from different cultures to different appearances to different abilities, as well as kindness/respect and thinking of others.

Mark your calendars for March 13, so you can get the super amazing launch price, which will only be good for 4 days!! Check back here for all of the details… I’m also running an exciting launch week giveaway, which may or may not include a huge stack of children’s books. Just sayin’…

Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite reads, links and moments for the month!

I recently read Little Fires Everywhere and found it to be a quirky story but highly engaging. I read it in a weekend. I also finished All the Light We Cannot See on audiobook. I found it slow,but I’m glad I finished. I definitely was rooting for the main characters by the end.

Currently, I’m reading Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown and Cannery Row by John Steinbeck and listening to the novel This Is How It Always Is on audio. So far this year, I’d have to say my favorite read has been A Year of Living Danishly. I loved reading the journalistic memoir about the Danish culture.

We’re also deep in Harry Potter with Connor right now. He got the first book for Christmas, and he’s on #4 now and thoroughly obsessed! We’re doing a mix of reading aloud and him reading to himself.

It light me up to see Gerber introduce their 2018 Gerber Baby, Lucas, who has Down syndrome! How sweet is he? 

Love this post from Ann Voskamp about feeling like “too much.”

Of course we had to celebrate National Pizza Day!! We got Casey’s pizza because not only is it delicious, but we love how Casey’s is such huge supporters of Children’s Miracle Network.

We’re just crawling out of our very first Girl Scout Cookie Sale season. Brenna was a rockstar salesperson! (Also, quite a few of the boxes we were selling accidentally found themselves open and in our pantry. Whoops.)Brenna and I had the honor of shooting a commercial for our local children’s hospital that aired regionally during the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics. It was a blast and such a privilege to share our story and how much the hospital has helped us.These Valentine lovebugs sure have our hearts!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!